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The next best thing if you love U2 

If you want an experienced festival band... you need U2two! If you want to impress your employees or your customer with something very special...you need U2two! You want people to experience the U2 concertfeeling? There's only one band and one singer in particular who gives you goosebumps: U2two with Sam Kramer as Bono. Just let us convince you by offering a few live recordings:


Some live recordings:

Still haven't found what I'm looking for: Watch on Youtube

With or without you: Watch on Youtube

Beautiful Day: Watch on Youtube

One: Watch on Youtube


U2two often play at business events and private parties all over the world. Most of the time there is no public audience allowed at these kind of shows which is the main reason we don't mention those gigs on our website. Sometimes however the band play at festivals or even in theaters. Please find the dates and locations of these shows below.


U2 shows tributeband U2two


September 12th - U2 rock service (Haarlem)

September 28th - U2 rock service (Siddeburen)




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